WizAI makes every day more extraordinary.

WizAI enhances WhatsApp and Instagram with ChatGPT, AI features, deeper intelligence, and more seamless ways to work with images.


Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp and Instagram

Engage ChatGPT via text, get answers on anything


Be the smartest on WhatsApp

Engage ChatGPT on WhatsApp via text and interact in a conversational way. The conversational structure of ChatGPT allows it to manage your follow-up questions, acknowledge errors, counteract false assumptions.

Stand out on Instagram

Engage ChatGPT on Instagram via text and interact in a conversational way. Instagram's direct messages are perfect for ChatGPT. The chat setup lets ChatGPT answer more questions, say sorry for mistakes, and fix wrong ideas.


DALL·E 3 Text-to-Image

The best way to create photos on WhatsApp & Instagram.

Send a photo with a caption to WizAI on WhatsApp and receive instant, Artificial Intelligence powered responses to dive deeper into your images. Learn more about Image Talk here.

Refine Images

Introducing Image Creation v2 on WhatsApp with DALL·E 3: Create and refine images seamlessly using prompts, a significant upgrade from the repetitive task of v1. Now powered by ChatGPT-4 for precision and ease. Learn more about Image Refine here.