Fixed a naughty bug and introduced a couple new features

Fixed a really annoying bug, where the bot would repeatedly send you the same message again and again. Added GPT-4 credits. Purchase them using !4 in chat. To form a query using your credits just preceed your message with !4. Added a prompts gallery you can use on and then with a button click populate a message that opens up WhatsApp We're now a verified business. Which comes with the amazing benefit of a beautiful checkmark next to our WhatsApp name ✅


GPT-4 credits

We just added GPT-4 Credits, a new feature allowing you to use GPT-4 in WhatsApp. To use this feature, you must first purchase credits by entering "!4" in the chat. Once acquired, you can activate the enhanced AI capabilities by starting your message with "!4"

Prompt gallery

We've introduced a Prompts Gallery at This gallery is full of useful, modifiable prompts that you can use in your conversations. Choose a prompt, modify it, and with a simple click on the "WhatsApp" button, it will populate a message that automatically opens up WhatsApp, ready for you to send a message to the bot.